with Meranie

Help for the Helper!

Who am I?  I am just like you!  I am always putting everyone else ahead of myself, I am a Wife, Mother of a teenage boy and a furbaby Mom.  I am at a point in my life that if I don't take care of myself, I won't be able to give to the other people in my life.  That was the beginning of Fitness Food Success.  I wanted to have a place a safe place for women to get information and help in reaching their goals, Help for the Helper!

I am definitely a work in progress, exercise is a challenge for me as I just isn't my favourite thing to do.  I am however a great cook!  I love to cook and bake so, you will see recipes that are healthy some will be whole food plant based quick and easy recipes, some will be using good proteins in healthy recipes and you will always find yummy desserts.  It's all about how we view food and who is in control.  I have finally found a way to control just what I am putting in my mouth and it is my choice to eat what I want and have a good balance, it has to be a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.  I hope you visit here often as I have so much to share.